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Sara Egner, Photographer

Having studied mostly the journalistic end of photography, my style is primarily about capturing what is there. Now, sometimes you can play a little to get what you want to see to be there, but in the end it is all about the people, or the animals, or the thing that I am photographing.

I prefer to work without flash so as to keep from disturbing the natural light already in effect. With concerts this means that the stage lighting is captured. With movie productions this means I can often keep the lighting motifs of the production throughout my stills. Even in portrait photography I would rather set an overall mood by lighting within the room than to interrupt the feeling of what is there with a flash. And of course when dealing with capturing events, the less intrusive, and more true to the feeling of the event one can be, the better.

I have been practicing photography for nearly a decade now. Publications of my work include Study Breaks Magazine and the LA Alternative Press. My work can also be found in various movie covers, production promotional papers, band websites and printed cds. My card carries the title "snapshot genius" and that is exactly what I have to offer.

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